Featured Artist of the Month

Steve Mitchell is an artist working in South Carolina. He has served a variety of
cfbselfieommercial clientele over the past 30+ years as a graphic designer
and illustrator but has been transitioning back to fine art. His first
love has always been drawing and painting with a special emphasis
on watercolor. Steve says: “Regardless of the medium, I have a
passion for what I do and love sharing that passion with others in my
work and on my YouTube channel, The Mind of Watercolor.” the-blacksmith

This is what Steve has said about Silver’s
Black Velvet® watercolor brushes:  “Love, love, LOVE the new brushes. All I’ve come to expect from the Black Velvets.”

Atelier™ Quill Series

Quills for every media…

Introducing 5025s-squirrell-quill-in-watercolor-smthree different types of quills for watercolor, acrylics and
blending. Choose the Atelier™ Quill squirrel hair brushes for
watercolors. Golden taklon#5225S for acrylics, oils and watercolors
and white goat hair blenders that are perfect for all media. The
#5025S squirrel hair quills are silky smooth. They hold a maximum
amount of color. Color flows onto silk or paper in sweeping strokes and adds detail blending atelier-quill-group-3-0marks to your
painting. The Golden Taklon quills will bring a maximum amount of color to your surface. Perfecrc-5418s-atelier-quill-asst-8-1t for
backgrounds, details and blending colors.
The #5325S white goat hair quills are perfect for oils, acrylics or watercolors. Supreme detail brushes that
will last a life time.

These brushes and all of our brushes can be found at your favorite artist supply dealer.

To see more photos of the Atelier™ Quills, Hake and Mottlers:

Featured Artist of the Month

Earline Padgett began painting in 1981 when her husband signed her up for art classes as a Christmas gift. Painting opened up the world for this small town girl. Earline taught her first SDP convention class in 1984 and since then, has taught oil and watercolorColors of Spring Oils classes at seminars and conventions across the United States and Canada. In addition to her classes, Earline has written magazine articles and demonstrates for Silver Brush Limited at many national and international conventions. She is a member of The National Society of Decorative Painters, The Decorative Artists of Jacksonville and The Art
Guild of Orange Park.

Earline eOils Blue Floralnjoys sharing art with beginners. She teaches easy to understand techniques and as an extra help, provides loaner brushes for class use to
encourage students to try new mediums.

Earline recently completed a series of videos demonstrating different series of brushes from Silver Brush Lt

Follow link to Earline’s videos: https://silverbrushblog.com/videos/                                                    Follow link to more of Earline’s paintings on our gallery:
http://www.silverbrush.com/gallery/index.php/Earline-PadgettFront of Card

Watch Earline demonstrate Ultra Mini® with Comfort Grip® handles:

Featured Artist of the Month


is a native New Yorker, who began his career at age 16,drawing comic books and hundreds of Tony-Bennettbook and magazine illustrations, as well as covers for paper back books. As one of the "golden age"era of comic book artists, his illustrations for magazines, including The Shadow and Doc Savage, have influenced the pop art school. Kinstler ultimately made the transition to portraitist, and soon established himself as one of thenation's foremost portrait painters. For over five decades, Kinstler also has devoted time to painting landscapes and watercolors. Kinstler has painted more than 40 cabinet officers. He has painted the last Five Presidents of the United States. His portraits of Ford anJosieRobertsond Reagan are the official White House portraits.  Among Kinstler's more than 500 portraits are such well-known personalities as Tony Bennett, Carol Burnett, Betty Ford, Gene Hackman, Katharine Hepburn, Lady Bird Johnson. Others include authors, Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Harry Blackmun. Business leaders such as John D. Rockefeller lll; Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan; U.S.Governors, four US Secretaries’ of State, and the presidents of universities and colleges. He was awarded honorary doctorates by Rollins College and the Lyme Academy of Art. The National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C., acquired 50 of his original works for its permanent collection.

EK-112He is also represented in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Butler Institute of American Art, Brooklyn Museum, etc. In 1999, Kinstler received the Copley Medal from the Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery and in 2001 the Portrait Society of America’s Gold Medal Award, their highest honor. A PBS film documentary on his career has recently been completed.

EK-930 Set ContentsLate in the 1999 Silver Brush Ltd and Ray collaborated in producing three artist brush sets that represent what he felt each student and professional needed to paint portraits, watercolors and landscapes. These sets are sold through online resellers nationwide.

Ray's testimonial about his Silver Brushes is a simple one “Silver Brushes are my absolute favorites”.

The Kinstler sets are sold nationwide through online resellersEK-220-Portrait-20-pc-set
EK-112 Kinstler Landscape Set- 13 piece
EK-220 Kinstler Portrait Set- 20 piece
EK-930S Kinstler Watercolor Set- 9 piece

See Ray's paintings:

Enjoy Michael Shane Neal Painting Ray Kinstler at a recent Portrait Society of America Conference:

Black Velvet® The Thrill of Painting with Perfection

Black Velvet® a unique blend of natural and synthetic filaments. Black Velvet® is the only
brush with enormous capacity to hold fluid yet snaps back to its original shape. Black Velvet® captures color and slowly releases it in a perfectly controlled manner, a watercolorist’s dream
come truNew BV Brushes v 1e……
In seven shapes; round, script liner, square wash, cats tongue, oval
wash, dagger striper, wide wash and jumbo round. Announcing new
sizes: round size 14, 18 and 20. Square wash size 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ and Wide Wash size 2″.
Black Velvet® is sold through artist supply resellers world wide. follow these links to more photos of bsilverbrush3-1rushes and paintings:
Painting by Sandy Allnock

Black Velvet® Voyage            display


Center, right paintings by Joy Chong, Malaysia

New Black Velvet® Voyage Brushes

Silver Brush Ltd® introduces the New Voyage® plein air & travel brushes

Requested by plein air and watercolor artists around the world. The Black Velvet® Voyage®
brushes come in four round sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8. Enjoy the 3100ST Black Velv Voyage Group & Opened Action-1unsurpassed quality and convenience in a travel brush with the perfection of the Black Velvet® fiber.

See photos of brushes and paintings http://www.silverbrush.com/gallery/index.php/3000S-Black-Velvet-Squirrel-Synthetic-Blend-Brushes

Featured Artist of the Month

Soon Y Warren

Soon Y. Warren
was born in South Korea. She immigrated to the United States in 1987. Soon’s favorite subjects are those found in nature: people, an animal, trees, a tangerine, pear, oriental poppy, iris or something of intrigue at the moment. Flowers from her gardens often become models for paintings.

She says that, “I’m inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature and our surroundings. I try to paint the essence of subjects and my sincere feeling for nature”

Soon teaches workshops for oil, watercolor, in-door studio painters, and plein air painters. Soon has taught workshops in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and throughout the USA. She is represented by Southwest Gallery in Dallas Texas, Your Private Collection Art Gallery in Granbury Texas.

Multiple Photos

Soon Y. Warren’s Recommendation for Black Velvet® watercolor brushes

“I love the quality of Silver Black Velvet® brushes. They hold a lot of water and have pointy tips that can create thinner to wider brush strokes. I have been using “Silver Black Velvet®” brushes which serve my purpose well. I use (Round #3000S) size 4 and 6 for very fine detail, 8 and 10 for medium small layering color, and 12 and 16 for larger area application. The soft quality of hair serves my painting style with gentle layers, and because maintaining a fine tip with spring out for next application. I love the brushes and recommend to everyone who paint watercolor.”

…The statement is true and my honest opinion.

See more of Soon Y. Warren’s paintings:
Visit Ms Warren’s website: http://www.soonwarren.com/
Visit our video gallery to watch Ms Warren demonstrate her watercolor technique painting with
Black Velvet® artist brushes: https://silverbrushblog.com/videos/


What’s New?

MottlersNew Atelier™ Mottler series features three xtra long handle brushes.
•Xtra long handles for easy reach on large canvas
•Rust proof copper ferrule
•Bristle brushes for varnishing, graining, transparent painting and priming
•Badger blend brushes for blending and softening edges

For more information about our New Atelier™ Artist Brushes go to our announcement page See more of the Atelier™ Brush series in the post: https://silverbrushblog.com/hello-world/


Atelier™ Fine Artist SeriesSilver Brush Limited

Hake Brushes:Hake Angles 5006 sm


•Resilient and long lasting.
•Dressed goat hair handcrafted to the highest standards
•Soft with a silky feel and spring
•Natural high absorbency for maximum color carrying capacity
•The perfect color blending brush
•Natural goat hair can be used in all media, oils, acrylics and watercolors
•Sizes 1” to 5-3/4” wide
•New angle shape makes blending at the easel easy

Mottler Brushes:

Atelier™ Mottler Xtra Long brushes
Atelier™ Mottler Xtra Long brushes

•Xtra long handle for reach on large canvas
•Rust proof copper ferrule
•Bristle brushes for varnishing, graining, transparent painting and priming
•Badger blend brushes for blending and softening edges
•Silver Mottlers can be used in all media. Best in oil and acrylics

Quill Brushes:

Quill 3 picture group low res
Squirrel, Golden Taklon, Blended Goat Hair
•Perfect watercolor brushes
•Silky smooth black squirrel hair that hold maximum color
•Color flows onto silk, paper in sweeping strokes and detail marks
•White goat hair quill perfect for blending oils, acrylics or watercolors
•Quills are perfect for exacting detail work

For more photos of these brushes go to our gallery: http://www.silverbrush.com/gallery/index.php/Atelier-Brush-Series