Remembering Daniel Greene

We were deeply saddened to hear of Daniel E. Greene’s passing on April 5th and we extend our deepest condolences to his wife Wendy Caporal-Greene, his family and loved ones.Daniel was considered the foremost pastelist and oil painter in the US and was inducted into both the Pastel Society of America and the Portrait Society of [...]

NEW! Golden Natural Brushes

Golden Natural® just got a glow up!  Golden Natural’s blend of synthetic and natural filaments has always made its performance stand out, but we gave it a new look to match its superb quality! Now Golden Natural® has a mottled, golden tigers eye handle and a blend of black and gold natural and synthetic filaments, [...]

Silver Jumbo™ Brushes

If large-scale canvas or sky-high murals are your cup of tea, check out our Silver Jumbo™ brushes. This series comes in 3 varieties: 8000 white hog bristle, 8200 soft golden taklon and 8500 stiff white nylon. As the name implies, these brushes are, well, JUMBO! Sizes include 30, 40 and 50. Silver Jumbo™ brushes have […]

Red, Silverwhite® and Blue!

  Happy Independence Day! Are you planning to paint over the long weekend? Whether you are set-up in a park, at the beach, poolside or in the comfort of home, get festive with these red, (Silver)white and blue handled mixed-media brushes. Red – Golden Natural® Mediums:  Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache Golden Natural® is a multi-media […]

2600S Monza® Synthetic Mongoose Brushes

Monza® is one of the most unique brush series manufactured by Silver Brush Limited. Originally created to cater to world-class decorative artists like Debbie Cole, these brushes are now well-loved by a wide variety of painters within the artistic community. What originally drew decorative artists to Monza® is its short-length-out synthetic mongoose filaments. The shorter […]

4 Perfect Plein Air Brushes

Silver Brush manufactures a variety of brushes perfect for painting en plein air. The warm weather of June means that lush landscapes are blooming, the water’s edge is calling, and people-watching has never been better, so get outside and paint! 1000 Grand Prix® (for traditional oil paints) Premium Chungking white hog bristle with natural flags […]

Remembering Everett Raymond Kinstler

Everett Raymond Kinstler was one of the greatest American portrait artists of our lifetime. Sadly, on Sunday May 26, 2019, Raymond passed away, leaving a legacy that many artists can only dream to achieve. Although Raymond was best known for his portraiture, he actually started his career as a comic book and magazine illustrator after […]

Atelier™ Quills and How To Use Them

Silver Brushes’ Atelier™ Quill series features 3 different types of quill. Each quill has their own unique strengths that can lend different techniques to your painting. In addition, every brush is carefully crafted with balanced wooden handles and decorative copper wire at the ferrule for added style. No matter what your medium, one of these […]

Featured Artist – Ethan Diehl

We recently interviewed artist Ethan Diehl after meeting him at the 2019 Portrait Society of America show in Atlanta, Georgia. Ethan has an astounding talent for photo-realistic oil paintings. In fact, his paintings are so realistic that he even has a disclaimer at the top of his website that says, “Yes, these are paintings.” See […]