Ginger Cook – April 2019 Featured Artist of the Month

Ginger Cook has been an artist since she was a small child. Originally working with crayons and watercolors, Ginger gravitated to acrylics in the 1960s when it was a new medium. During this time, oil paints were revered as the only paint for “real” artists and Ginger strived to be taken seriously as an artist.

Determined to prove critics wrong, Ginger mastered a variety of acrylic techniques in such a style that made oil purists take notice. Her eye for color caught the attention of publishers and art galleries and before long, her acrylic pieces were being showcased and sold worldwide.

In her retirement, Ginger teaches acrylic painting techniques to beginners and advanced students alike through her YouTube tutorials and in her online Art Academy. Ginger’s YouTube videos are like an introduction to the online academy. On her YouTube channel, she teaches mostly florals and still-life paintings in the style of the old masters like Van Gogh but the Academy classes go much more in-depth, making artists delve even deeper into their artistic talents.

Ginger insists that you don’t have to have a natural inclination toward art in order to enjoy creating a painting. “I have always felt that painting was a learned skill… For me, good art starts with having the correct materials. I have been using Silver Brushes since they came out—initially the Ruby Satin® brights and smaller rounds for details. When I found the Ruby Satin® short handle angle brushes, they were so fantastic to use that they are my brush of choice in 99% of the videos I teach. They suit my natural impressionistic style and are perfect for changing from a broad brushstroke to fine detail, just by tipping or twisting the brush slightly.”

In addition to Ruby Satin®, Ginger enjoys using our Ultimate Varnish Brush™ (it is “indeed the ultimate varnish brush!”) and her daughter’s series of The Art Sherpa™ brushes, also manufactured by Silver Brush Limited for heavy bodied acrylic painting techniques.

When asked what Ginger’s greatest accomplishment has been as an artist, she says, “I have felt incredibly rewarded for seeing the skills I have passed on to others…I am passing down the knowledge of art to the next group of artists who will then pass it down to other aspiring artists…this to me is my greatest accomplishment.”

Ginger’s Links:
Youtube Channel


Comparing Silver’s Acrylic Artist Brushes

Silver Brush Limited® manufactures a wide range of artists’ brushes for acrylic painting. In honor of Acrylic April, we are comparing three of our most popular series for this medium and how they stand out from a crowd!

Ruby Satin®
Ruby Satin® is a synthetic filament that imitates mongoose. These beauties come in both short or long handle versions and feature a perfectly balanced deep green colored handle and deep ruby colored filaments with a medium stiffness.

  • Can be used in soft, medium, or heavy bodied acrylics (and oils when cleaned with an odorless solvent)
  • Long handle version features 4 shapes and 30 sizes while the short handle version features 10 shapes and 48 sizes
  • Large size short handle brights are perfect for painting broad landscapes and backgrounds
  • Short handle detail brushes are excellent for creating fur, grass or eyelashes
  • Unique shapes like triangle, grass comb, monogram liner, and dagger are favorites of decorative artists
  • Plenty of snap to make the filaments come back to a point

Silver Silk 88™
Silver Silk 88™ is our newest series of brushes. This series comes in long and short handle versions. Silver Silk 88™ features a soft synthetic silver colored filament with slightly less snap than Ruby Satin®.

  • Designed specifically for use in fluid acrylics, interference acrylics and jar acrylics but can also be used in watercolors, gouache and other water-based media
  • Glides like silk across your painting surface
  • Long handle version features 7 shapes and 30 sizes while the short handle version features 15 shapes and 48 sizes
  • Unique shapes like cats tongue, deerfoot stippler, soft curve and ribbon striper
  • Easy to control and make your mark with precision
  • Smooth, even strokes

The Art Sherpa™
The Art Sherpa™ series of brushes were designed with help from Cinnamon Cooney, A.K.A. The Art Sherpa, who teaches acrylic paintng techniques to her YouTube audience. With almost half a million followers on her channel, Cinnamon is the most popular acrylic teacher on YouTube. She loves using heavy-bodied acrylic paints and The Art Sherpa™ brushes are uniquely qualified to push heavy paints with authority.

  • Our stiffest synthetic series
  • Perfect for pushing heavy bodied paint into canvas
  • Withstands rigorous treatment while maintaining their sharp edges and fine points
  • Unique shapes like Cloud™, Cats Tongue and Fan
  • Goldilocks™ bright brush – not too big, not too small – it’s just right!

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Acrylic April with The Art Sherpa

Grab your paint, gather your acrylic Silver Brushes, and head to the easel with Cinnamon Cooney, a.k.a. The Art Sherpa, for her 1st Annual Acrylic April Painting Challenge!

From April 1st through April 30th, paint along LIVE with Cinnamon on her YouTube channel as she guides you through 30 different acrylic painting tutorials based on 30 different prompts. In addition to the tutorials, your Art Sherpa will provide plenty of supporting videos, blogs, worksheets and tips to help you through the month.

“I have always thought Inktober and World Watercolor Month were amazing events and I wished there was one for the acrylic medium…I chose April as Acrylic Month because whenever I have mentioned painting daily as a way to improve, my students would laugh nervously as if I might be kidding,” says Cinnamon. In creating Acrylic April, Cinnamon has proven that a daily painting project is no April Fool’s joke, but a means to grow.

“I think it’s really important that this is just about the acrylic community. Our medium is the chameleon of the art world — It can look like oils or watercolor; it can be sprayed or applied in the thickest impasto; it goes over nearly every surface. ACRYLIC IS AMAZING! And this is our month to celebrate that!”

Here are the rules for the challenge:

  1. Following The Art Sherpa’s Acrylic April prompts, create your painting on a surface 12×12 or smaller using acrylic paint
  2. Share it on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter
  3. Use the hashtags #acrylicapril, #acrylicapril2019 and #ItsNoJokeAcrylicApril
  4. Repeat daily from April 1st (no fooling) to April 30th

The Art Sherpa encourages you to follow along but don’t worry if creating 30 paintings in 30 days is an overwhelming idea! Acrylic April is meant to be a fun learning experience, not a source of stress. “If you make 30 little paintings, you are a winner. If you make less than 30, you are a winner. Do your best, paint anything you want…Follow the prompts or do your own thing,” says Cinnamon.

For more information about Acrylic April, please visit

Here is a list of Silver Brush Limited® acrylic paintbrushes:
The Art Sherpa™
Black Pearl®
Silver Silk 88™ 
Ruby Satin®  
Golden Natural®
Ultra Mini®

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Watch The Art Sherpa’s Acrylic April Q&A on YouTube!

March 2019 Artist of the Month

You’ve heard the adage, “It’s never too late to follow your dream.” Melanie Morris, an accomplished acrylic artist from Alabama, is living proof of that statement.

Melanie graduated from college with a Master’s Degree in Communications and spent years working in the pharmaceutical advertising industry. After encouragement from her husband, Melanie decided to take an oil painting class, immediately fell in love with the medium and set off in pursuit of a new career in art.

As with many things in life, we make plans but sometimes a curve ball is thrown our way. Upon taking up oil painting, Melanie discovered the paint agitated an asthma condition she wasn’t aware she had. Heartbroken but determined to continue creating art, Melanie switched to acrylics. Initially she found acrylic paint to be too thin but after a wise teacher advised her to add gel medium to make it behave more like oil, she went full steam ahead!

Melanie’s favorite subjects to paint are landscapes or floral arrangements. She takes pride in hand selecting flowers from local farmer’s markets in the summer (or Trader Joe’s in the winter). “My painting really starts when I’m arranging the flowers back at my studio. I’m thinking about how to move the viewer through the painting with color or shapes then I select a background color. I keep all sorts of colored paper to use as backdrops for my still lifes. I experiment with the colors and the arrangement of the flowers and then I add a strong spotlight. I set a timer for 45 minutes and paint a 6” x 6” panel to work out my composition and color palette. Even though I time my small paintings to keep them fresh, I really get lost in the painting. After I finish the small panel, I paint the arrangement again but this time on a larger panel. I prefer to paint on gallery wrapped panels and love the architectural look.” Melanie says her favorite flowers to paint are zinnias and ranunculus.

When asked what her greatest accomplishment has been as an artist, Melanie said, “There are several things I’m happy about such as being commissioned by Hilton Hotels last summer to complete my biggest painting to date, being featured in Cottage Living several years ago and having an online shop. However, I’d have to say that I consider my greatest accomplishment to be that I make a living as an artist. At one time that seemed like an unrealistic goal.”

For the past 5 years, Melanie has been using Silver Brush Limited’s Bristlon® series of brushes for her artwork. “I love the Bristlon® bright shape brushes. I used to be a palette knife painter so I like a stiff brush. Bristlon® offered me the stiffness I like without being so stiff that the brush lifts paint off of my panel. I am also confident that the brushes won’t shed in my painting and they hold their shape well.”

If you’d like to see Melanie’s work on display, you can visit Bennett Galleries in Nashville, The Grand Bohemian Gallery in Birmingham in her studio in Homewood, Alabama or online at

Follow Melanie on social media!

Brush Shapes: Flat VS Bright

A variety of brights and flats from our Silverstone®, Ruby Satin® and Silver Silk 88™ series of brushes

Every artist has a preference when it comes to the shape of the brush they reach for the most. For example, portrait artists lean towards filberts while watercolorists enjoy the versatility of a nice pointed round. When it comes to brights and flats, however, some artists wonder, “What’s the difference?” Let us break it down for you!

Flat brushes have a filament length that is more than twice as long as its width which means:

  1. Flats hold quite a lot of color
    • Artists who like to lay down a generous amount of color all at once or would rather not reload frequently can rely on flats to carry color for quite a few strokes
  2. Flats offer a looser stroke
    • The longer length of the filament means you have less control
  3. Flats generate a longer stroke
    • The longer length lends itself to more expressive strokes
  4. Flats have more flexibility
    • This shape allows you to apply plenty of pressure when you really want to push the paint into your canvas
Silverstone® white hog bristle bright and flat brushes in sizes 4, 6 and 8

Bright brushes have a filament length that is nearly equal to its width which means:

  1. Brights hold a modest amount of color
    • For artists that don’t want to add too much color all at once, a bright brush is the perfect shape
  2. Brights provide excellent controllability
    • You will have more control over your stroke, which can be a really good thing for new artists
  3. Short, quick strokes are much easier to achieve
    • When compared to a flat, the bright shape makes a small stroke simple
  4. Scumble away!
    • Brights are excellent scrubbing or scumbling brushes because the short filament keeps them stiff and allows you to get rough

Here are some paintings from artists who prefer one shape over the other:

Painting by Edward Sprafkin who uses Bristlon® flats for his sweeping landscapes
Painting by Melanie Morris who uses Bristlon® brights for her floral pieces

5 Reasons Golden Natural® Should be the Brush in Your Hand!

Golden Natural® has been a member of the Silver Brush Limited product line for over 20 years. This versatile series has innumerable positive qualities, but we chose the Top 5 Reasons you should have Golden Natural® in your hand:

  1. It’s An “All Media” Brush
    • Yup, you read that right! Golden Natural® can be used in watercolor, acrylic or oil paints. These brushes are gentle enough to lay down watercolor washes without lifting, but strong enough to push heavy acrylic paint across a canvas or withstand rough treatment with oils.
  2. Longevity and Performance
    • Golden Natural® has a blend of natural animal hair and synthetic golden taklon. Why does that matter? Having natural hair means better absorbency and smoother color release and the synthetic filament offers durability and snap
  3. Precise Control
    • Golden Natural® is an excellent brush for illustrators because they offer very precise control over your color. These red-handled beauties glide effortlessly across your painting surface and release color evenly and slowly without puddling
  4. Variety of Sizes
    • Unlike some brush series, Golden Natural® boasts very tiny round sizes like 5/0, 3/0 and 2/0 making these brushes an excellent choice for fine lines and details such as eye lashes, blades of grass, whiskers, or miniature paintings. If a larger size is more your speed, Golden Natural round brushes go all the way up to a size 12.
  5. The Price is Right!
    • Golden Natural® is an excellent quality brush that will last for many years with the proper care. It falls right in the middle of the road as far as price but you can expect it to perform and last longer than almost any brush in your collection.

Here’s what artists have to say about Golden Natural®:

“These brushes are a dream to use!”                                                                                                              Artist Drew Europeo (Watercolor)

“The Golden Natural® brushes give the artist the performance of a fine Red Sable brush. Its natural hair carries more paint while synthetic hair delivers durability to keep precise chisel edges and sharp points. The wide variety of shapes and sizes offers the perfect brush for any painting project.”             – Artist and Teacher Earline Padgett (Acrylic and Watercolor)

“I wish I could explain to every person that contemplates buying a brush, what AN AWESOME BRUSH Golden Natural® is!! It is worth the money and it outperforms, and out lasts just about everything. It is so perfect in so many ways. One day folks will wake up and realize they have been wasting money on cheap tools, when they could have bought this one brush and been happy for years.”                         – Artist Beth Wild (Oil and Acrylic)

For more information, check out the Golden Natural® product page on our website!

(Process video and painting by Jeannie Dickson who is using a Golden Natural® angel brush and a Black Velvet® round brush)

Written by Kira Leilich, Communications Manager at SBL


February 2019 Artist of the Month

Artist Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie Dickson has only been using watercolors for about 3 years and already she has established a large following on social media, created lettering practice worksheets that she sells through her Etsy store, and has workshops planned for 2019 in her home state of Texas. This is going to be a busy year for the rising artist!

Although Jeannie will be teaching classes on watercolor technique and lettering, she doesn’t have any formal art school training. Instead of taking classes, Jeannie dedicated many hours to getting to know her paints, brushes and paper while finding her own unique style and technique, a process she says was “intense” but brought her great joy.

Jeannie’s practice has developed into a style that is bold, expressive, and colorful. “I like to paint elements that have a lot of visual texture,” she says, “and I am fascinated by the transparent quality of watercolor.” More recently, gouache and water-based inks have found their way into her expanding repertoire.

Floral Piece by Jeannie Dickson

When getting artistic, Jeannie uses a variety of   tools including markers, metallic pens, brush pens and calligraphy pens for her lettering but one of her absolute favorite things to use for creating vibrant bouquets of flowers is Silver Brush Black Velvet® watercolor brushes.

“In the Spring of 2017, I bought my first Silver Black Velvet brush and soon after trying it, I knew I needed it in all the different sizes available,” she gushes. “I love the quality of the brush. The hairs are a fantastic blend that hold the perfect amount of water and they release the pigment beautifully. You can use the fine, pointy tip to create fine, delicate lines of use the full belly of the brush to create broader strokes. When painting expressive, loose watercolor, this comes in handy and helps you stay in the creative flow.”

To aspiring artists, Jeannie says this: “Don’t give up your creative dreams. If it’s in your heart, you should listen. Creativity is a God-given gift that brings a sense of fulfillment. It requires being patient with oneself, and knowing that our mistakes are also part of the process of being creative and finding our own unique style.”

Head of Kale by Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie was born and raised in Guatemala City and her family moved to Mexico City in 2000 where she studied Graphic Design. In 2005, she married her husband and moved to the US. They have two daughters together. Jeannie enjoys “a good cup of coffee” and she loves rainy days. She also enjoys baking and decorating cookies and spending time with family.

To see more of Jeannie’s work, please visit her on Instagram!



Check out Jeannie’s process video on creating leaves with a Silver Golden Natural® Angle brush!

Written by Kira Leilich, Communications Manager at SBL


Adirondack Adventures

Aaron Thompson with Grand Prix® and the u.go™ Plein Air | -Anywhere Pochade Box

Whenever a company produces a new product, the months, weeks and days leading up to its release are a labor of love (and sometimes blood, sweat and tears). Silver Brush Ltd is no stranger to this. The very first fine artist brush series we manufactured was Grand Prix® over 28 years ago. To this day, it remains one of our best selling products, beloved by artists the world over including modern day visionaries like Nelson Shanks, Michael Shane Neal, Terry Strickland and Chantel Barber.

This past summer, our Grand Prix® and Renaissance® pure red sable brushes took on a new adventure with brothers Keith and Kyle O’Brien, owners of New Wave® Fine Art Products, and artists Kelly Foss and Aaron Thompson. Together with a photographer, they embarked on 20 mile round-trip hike up Mt. Haystack in the Adirondacks for a plein air photo shoot with Silver Brushes for the launch of New Wave’s u.go™Plein Air -Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes.

“We intended to set up tents and hammock tents,” explains Kelly. “The weather was crazy in the Adirondacks as we did our 8 mile hike up to base-camp. When we arrived, we were in a downpour. We were happy to find a lean-to where we were able to stay dry and set up camp for the rest of our time on the mountain.”

Luckily, the sun came out allowing Kelly and Aaron to paint and the photographer to get some excellent photos of u.go™ Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes and Silver brushes in action.

Artist Kelly Foss on Mt. Haystack painting en plein air

“The whole point of going was to get insanely cool images of the product line in use in its natural environment,” says Keith. The u.go Anywhere™ Pochade boxes were designed to be taken from “sea to summit and anywhere in between” and they provide an ultra-lightweight and compact setup that is convenient for artists who prefer to stray from the beaten path while painting en plein air in order to find a truly magnificent landscape. The largest box, measuring at 11″x14.5″x1.25”,weighs only 3.15 lbs., the medium box weighs 2.1 lbs., and the small box weighs 1.35 lbs.

As a plein air artist, you’d be remiss not to bringGrand Prix®and Renaissance®brushes with you on such a trip so we made sure Kelly and Aaron were well supplied. Although neither artist had used Silver Brushes prior to this photo shoot, both quickly fell in love with Grand Prix’s® spring and Renaissance’s® durability.

“Usually I’m hesitant to use stiffer brushes (like Grand Prix®) because they can cut into the paint creating a streaky, harsh look. But these brushes have good strength in the bristles without being scratchy,” says Kelly.

Silver Grand Prix® Filbert brush

“These brushes have real spring in their step!” Aaron exclaims, “Excellent flow. I am pretty rough on my brushes and these took some abuse better than most. I have a feeling they are going to break in beautifully. I really like the touch of the Grand Prix® long filberts, just beautiful…”



For more information about u.go™ Plein Air | Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes, please visit New Wave’s website,

For more information about Kelly Foss, please visit her:

For more information about Aaron Thompson, please visit his:

Written by Kira Leilich, Communications Manager at SBL


December 2018 Artist of the Month

Dan Thompson is quite accomplished when it comes to his
accolades. Not only is he a co-founder of the Grand Central Academy of Art and the Janus Collaborative School of Art in New York, he was also appointed Dean at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia this summer,
which according to Dan, is an “extraordinary honor.”

“A school of this caliber must not be underestimated as a place simply to take painting lessons—it is a guild of evolving artistic tactics and a conservatory of timeless figurative practice. As the new artistic leader, I am gratified to be at the vanguard of the conversation.”

In addition to his new position, Dan taught a controlled palette life painting class over the summer at the Art Students League of New York and a class entitled Musculoskeletal Gross Anatomy for the Figurative Artist at Weill Cornell College of Medicine.

There’s no question that Dan has his plate (or should we say palette?) full but he still manages to find time to paint his favorite subject:  the human figure. “There is no rival to the human figure. It is a doorway into every metaphor, the embodiment of seeing itself. The figure is us. The human body, layered with rules and systems, structures and sciences, is endlessly rich and ceaselessly expressive. There is no other art which could replace its importance nor hold my fascination as immutably, so long as I inhabit a figure.”

For the last 10 years, Dan has been using Silver Brush LTD® Grand Prix® long and extra long filberts and Silverstone® filberts to create his art because “they are simply the best brushes available,” he says. “I started painting when I was 11 years old. My dad bought me a simple acrylic set and told me that I could work with his oils—but only after I had mastered the ‘preparatory’ acrylic media, using only water as medium.” 

One of Dan’s favorite techniques to use in his artwork is the “color spot” technique used by
Edwin Dickinson, who learned it from Charles W. Hawthorne and William Merritt Chase. The
general idea is that the artist puts one stroke of color next to another, next to another and so
on to create an image. This technique is seen clearly in much of Dan’s art.

Currently, Dan is working on a “composition of a full skeleton, arranged within a drapery mass and adorned with metallic pieces. Its kind of Birth of Venus—maybe a Death of Venus! Or a transcendence, which is how it feels. The cathartic aspect of painting is one of its most rejuvenating attractions.”

To the aspiring artist, Dan says this:  “Genuine aesthetics are self-derived; Create works that you can look back upon with contentment for having echoed your heart and not contorting your authentic vision to suit someone else’s style.”

To learn more about Dan, visit his website:

You can also follow Dan on facebook  and instagram

Written by Kira Leilich, Communications Manager at SBL


July 2018 Featured Artist of the Month

Ana Sofía Castañón is a multi-talented artist hailing from Cancun, Mexico. Her Instagram is filled with brilliantly colored paintings of dreamy looking turtle grass with manta rays gliding along the ocean floor. It had us mesmerized and we just had to share her artwork.

After connecting with her, we learned that Ana Sofía is so much more than just a talented watercolor artist. Before dedicating her career to her artwork, Ana Sofía was a fashion designer making bridal gowns and purses. As a young child, Ana went to art classes where she was introduced to pencils, acrylics, pastel and oil. In addition, she grew up in a family of designers, artists, architects, and writers who encouraged her to develop her skills.

Today, Ana Sofía’preferred mediums are watercolor, gouache and inks, which she chooses to paint with using Silver Black Velvet® brushes. I have been using Silver Brushes for 3 years. When I discovered them, I had an instant crush. I use the Black Velvet® collection, which hold the exact amount of water needed. I love that they are very easy to use and very durable. The mix of natural squirrel hair and the synthetic filaments works perfectly.”             

Ana Sofía’s art is influenced heavily by nature and the wonders around her. Growing up on her family ranch in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, she was free to discover while surrounded by animals, crops, and trails. My childhood made me connect with nature and until this day, everytime I need to recharge, I go to the sea to free-dive, or the jungle and explore.After one particular free diving session, Ana Sofía started her Ocean Dreamsseries where she represents the ocean and reefs in a very colorful and peaceful way.

To aspiring artists, Ana Sofía says this: Many times we are afraid to take action or just become overwhelmed by the idea of what is needed in order to do whatever we dream of doing or becoming. When I decided I really wanted to make a living with my art, I had a job. I knew I had to paint everyday, so at first I started with 15 minutes until it became more than 8 hours daily. To me, it is all about facing my fears. I always put myself into very uncomfortable situations. This is where all the great things have happened. So I encourage you to get out of the comfort zone as much as possible. If it makes you anxious, its probably good. The best is when Im on the other side watching what made me scared.

Currently, Ana Sofía is working on a series for exhibition next year and mural projects in her local community.

To learn more about Ana Sofía, please visit these links:
Instagram @anasofiacastanon
Facebook: @anasofiacastanonart

Traducido por Ana Sofía

Una tarde navegando por Instagram nos encontramos con la obra de Ana Sofía Castañón una artista multidisciplinaria basada en Cancún, México. Sus coloridas y brillantes pinturas de manta rayas deslizándose entre algas marinas por el fondo del océano nos hipnotizaron, simplemente tuvimos que compartirlas.

Después de contactarla supimos que Ana Sofía es mucho mas que una talentosa acuarelista. Antes de dedicarse a su obra Ana Sofía era diseñadora de modas, hacía vestidos de novia y bolsas. De niña, Ana asistió a clases de pintura donde fue introducida diferentes técnicas como el carboncillo, acrílicos, pasteles y oleo. Sumado a su preparación y amor por el arte, Ana Sofía creció en una familia conformada por diseñadores, escritores, arquitectos y artistas que la impulsaron a desarrollar sus habilidades.

Hoy, los medios que Ana Sofía prefiere son las acuarelas, el gouache y las tintas, los cuales  usa pintando con la línea de los pinceles Silver Black Velvet®. “He usado los pinceles Silver Brush por 3 años. Cuando los descubrí tuve un crush inmediato. Uso la serieBlack Velvet® que guarda
la cantidad exacta de agua. Me encantan por que son muy fáciles de usar y muy duraderos, la combinación de pelo sintético y natural de ardilla funciona a la perfección.”

El arte de Ana Sofía está influenciado de gran forma por la naturaleza. Crecer en un rancho en San Luis Potosí, México le dio la libertad de descubrir el mundo rodeada de animales, vegetación desértica, riegos por aspersión, siembra y lodo. “Mi niñez me conectó con la naturaleza y todavía al día de hoy cuando necesito recargar o re conectar, busco salir, explorar, ir a la selva, cenotes o hago algo de buceo libre.” Después de una sesión de Freedive o buceo libre, es como la serie de “Sueños de Mar” comenzó, donde ella representa los coloridos arrecifes y la sensación de paz que fondo del mar le da.

A los que desean ser artistas, Ana Sofía les dice: “Muchas veces tenemos miedo de tomar acción, o simplemente nos abruma la idea de todo lo que se necesita hacer para lograr lo que deseamos o soñamos. Cuando decidí que quería llevar mi arte un paso más allá y que fuera mi forma de vivir, sabía que debía de pintar diario, así que comencé por 15 minutos al día hasta que lo convertí poco a poco en 8 horas diarias. Para mi, se trata de enfrentar los miedos. Siempre termino poniéndome en situaciones incomodas. Ahí es donde las cosas buenas han sucedido para mi. Así que les recomiendo y empujo a salir de su zona de confort lo mas que puedan, si te de ansiedad seguro que es bueno. Lo mejor es estar del otro lado viendo aquello que te en algún momento te dio miedo.

Actualmente, Ana Sofía está trabajando en una serie para exhibir el siguiente año y en proyectos de gran formato para mural.

Instagram @anasofiacastanon
Facebook: @anasofiacastanonart


Written by Kira Leilich, Communications Manager at SBL
Translations done by Ana Sofía Castañón