October 2017 International Featured Artist of the Month

Bobbi Dunlop is a Canadian oil painter from Calgary who is inspired by the old masters and uses Silver Brushes® almost exclusively. “My favorite series is the Grand Prix®,” she says, “…they stand up to everyday use and with the care I give them, they last endlessly. I never throw them away!”

The idea of truly looking and seeing beauty is what she feels defines her as an artist. “I have forever been drawn to the simple things in life…the roundness of an apple or pear; the gesture of a figure in space… These are the things I savor and which drive my work.”

Recently, Bobbi’s favorite art supply store, Sunnyside Art Supply in Calgary, started carrying Grand Prix® brushes and she couldn’t be happier. “Now my students will have the opportunity to enjoy these brushes, too” says Bobbi, who averages approximately 40 weekly students in addition to teaching workshops throughout the year.

When she isn’t teaching classes, Bobbi enjoys painting en plein air with friends where the beauty of the Canadian countryside inspires her strokes. On a recent excursion, a curious black bear strolled right through the scene she was painting and after observing her for a moment, continued on its way with “berries on his mind.”

When asked if she has any advice for artists who want to make a career out of their talent, Bobbi replied, “Do this for yourself and not with the expectation of fame and fortune. Always be a student. Understand that your personal growth is the goal and must be the measure of your success.”

Bobbi’s artwork can be found hanging in the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond and at Art Country Canada in Bragg Creek in Alberta.

For more information, please visit: https://bobbidunlop.com

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