5 Fun Brush Shapes to Try!

At Silver Brush, we take pride in being a step ahead of the curve when it comes to brush design. Nearly every series that we manufacture has at least one unique, fun shape that artists love and gravitate towards. Let’s dive into some fan-favorites and show you all of the exciting marks you can make with Silver Brushes!

Soft Curve

  • Can be found in these series:
  • Curved like a filbert on one side but straight like a flat on the other
  • Allows you to paint sharp edges or gentle curves without switching brushes
  • Great for cityscapes, landscapes, abstract art and more

Grass Comb

  • Can be found in these series:
  • Comb-like brush with long “fingers” that create several lines of paint in varying widths with one stroke
  • Gentle pressure creates grass effects, eye lashes, fur, hair, beards and more


  • Can be found in these series:
  • Create long flowing lines when used on its edge or broad strokes when flat
  • Decorative leaves, petals, tree branches, blades of grass and ribbons. Can also be used as a lettering brush

Cats Tongue

  • Can be found in these series:
  • This brush can paint in tight spots because of its fine tapered point but can also create broad strokes due to its wide belly
  • Use it for washes or backgrounds, add detail, work in tight spots, make sharp, clean edges or to create petals and leaves


  • Can be found in these series:
  • Create long thin lines or flat broad strokes depending on the amount of pressure used
  • Good for flower stems, leaves, petals and other decorative strokes
  • Watch this YouTube video by artist Kelsey Nowicki to see our triangle brush in use!

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*DISCLAIMER: Do not use turpentine to clean oil from a synthetic brush. It can ruin the filament. ONLY USE an odorless solvent. Please read our Tender Loving Care of Artists’ Brushes Brochure for further care instructions. ♦

Summer Brush Care Tips

As summer approaches, it’s important for artists of all skill levels to properly prepare their brushes for the challenges that hot, humid weather can bring. Here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure the longevity of your artists brushes.

  1. Use a moth deterrent near your brushes
    • We all know the “joys” of little creepy crawlies making their way into your homes, whether there are ants feasting on crumbs under the kitchen table, wasps coming through a cracked window to terrorize the family, or moths fluttering their way toward the warm glow of the light in your studio and making a snack out of your natural hair artists’ brushes. A moth deterrent in or near your brush case can save you a lot of trouble. Try cedar wood chips for a pleasant smell!
  2. Store brushes in a breathable case
    • As humidity rises, moisture will get trapped in a plastic brush case and it can cause mold to grow in the hairs of your brushes. To avoid this, make sure you are using a canvas brush case like our Monaco® or Tuscany® cases. Do not store brushes in a plastic case or bag!
  3. Maintain the humidity level where your brushes are stored
    • Changes in humidity in your house can cause brushes with a wooden handle to expand and contract, potentially making the paint of the handle crack or the ferrule to become loose. Try your best to keep brushes in a cool, temperature-controlled room.
  4. Condition natural hair brushes
    • Did you know you can condition your natural hair brushes just like you would the hair on your head? This process is a quick, easy way to give your brushes some TLC and stop humidity from wreaking havoc on their endurance. Simply wet your brush, squeeze a small amount conditioner onto the head and message it into the hair with your fingers. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner out and lay flat to dry.

View our Tender Loving Care of Artists Brushes Brochure for more information about brush care!

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