If large-scale canvas or sky-high murals are your cup of tea, check out our Silver Jumbo™ brushes. This series comes in 3 varieties: 8000 white hog bristle, 8200 soft golden taklon and 8500 stiff white nylon.

As the name implies, these brushes are, well, JUMBO! Sizes include 30, 40 and 50. Silver Jumbo™ brushes have a sleek, natural wood handle attached to a thick ferrule full of filaments that will capture and carry a large amount of color to your painting surface.

Worried about a wiggly ferrule because of the weight of heavy bodied paints? Not with these babies! Four nails are set into the ferrule on each brush so that when it is loaded with that thick acrylic phthalo blue paint you love so much, the head won’t loosen or fall off the handle.

We know that every artist prefers a certain brush shape, and that’s why the Silver Jumbos™ come in a nice variety: round, flat, filbert, angle, chisel fitch and landscape oval. The chisel fitch is exclusive to the hog bristle series. It features finely chiseled bristles so you can make sharp edges and fine lines despite the brushes’ large size. The chisel fitch also has an extra-long handle so you can get those hard-to-reach spots on your canvas.

Standing out all on its own is the landscape oval brush made with brown hog bristle. It is perfect for landscape techniques a la Bob Ross. Dabble in clouds, mottle down some bushes or trees and gently blend out any mistakes you may have made along the way.

Want to see these brushes in action? Just check out artwork by mural artist Emily Million!