Happy Independence Day! Are you planning to paint over the long weekend? Whether you are set-up in a park, at the beach, poolside or in the comfort of home, get festive with these red, (Silver)white and blue handled mixed-media brushes.

Red Golden Natural®
Mediums:  Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache
Golden Natural® is a multi-media artists’ dream brush! These handsome, short handled, wine red beauties feature a blend of super absorbent natural hair and springy synthetics. This unique blend makes Golden Natural® easy to control plus they hold onto color and lay it down with silky smooth precision no matter what medium you are using. Perfect for double-loading watercolors, fine details in oil or broad strokes in acrylics.
Notable Point:  Rounds come in small sizes, making them ideal detail brushes

White – Silverwhite®
Mediums: Watercolor, Soft bodied or liquid Acrylic, Gouache
Silverwhite® brushes are a fantastic option for watercolor artists who don’t want to use a natural hair brush. Many artists argue that a synthetic brush will never be as absorbent as a natural hair brush but Silverwhite® boldly challenges that assertion! It’s true that Silverwhite® is 100% synthetic, however, it is specially designed with multi-diameter filaments that absorb and hold onto color until the brush reaches your paper and then it releases with perfect control. Best part? No pooling of color! Just perfect release, stroke after stroke.
Notable Point: This series comes in long handle or short handle!

Blue – Bristlon®
Mediums: Heavy bodied Acrylic or Oil
Bristlon® long handle brushes have been called the “Ferrari of brushes”. We promise they live up to the name! Sleek lines, balanced handling, smooth strokes, superior quality, and commanding marks are all hallmarks of this series. Like Silverwhite®, Bristlon® is fully synthetic but with much stiffer multi-diameter filaments. You can count on Bristlon® to push heavy-bodied paint with authority, hug every curve with precision and maintain chiseled edges without fail.
Notable Point: Specially processed filaments allow you to paint on rough surfaces without fear of compromising the texture of the fibers.
Side note: DO NOT clean a synthetic brush with harsh solvents like turpentine  Be sure to clean with artists’ grade odorless solvent only!

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