Golden Natural® just got a glow up! 

Golden Natural’s blend of synthetic and natural filaments has always made its performance stand out, but we gave it a new look to match its superb quality!

Now Golden Natural® has a mottled, golden tigers eye handle and a blend of black and gold natural and synthetic filaments, reminiscent of a tiger’s stripes! Although the brush looks different, the blend of filaments is exactly the same so you can expect the same painting experience you’ve always gotten from a Golden Natural® brush.

What does a blend of natural and synthetic filaments mean for your art?

Natural hairs are super absorbent and have the ability to capture and carry color endlessly while our high-quality synthetic Japanese filaments are expertly engineered to add durability and snap!

Why choose Golden Natural?

At Silver Brush, we pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the finest quality artist brushes in the world and we take excellence very seriously.

  • Each Golden Natural® brush is handmade by artisans who must complete a 5-year-long apprenticeship before they have the required skill level to make these brushes
  • Golden Natural® is a true mixed-media brush: soft enough for the most elegant of watercolors but rugged enough to withstand use in acrylic or oil paints
  • We only use the very best European birch wood handles that are expertly balanced for ease of use and comfort during long painting sessions
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrules are dent resistant, meaning your brushes’ head won’t lose its’ shape if it accidentally gets dropped on a hard surface