Atelier™ Fine Artist SeriesSilver Brush Limited

Hake Brushes:Hake Angles 5006 sm


•Resilient and long lasting.
•Dressed goat hair handcrafted to the highest standards
•Soft with a silky feel and spring
•Natural high absorbency for maximum color carrying capacity
•The perfect color blending brush
•Natural goat hair can be used in all media, oils, acrylics and watercolors
•Sizes 1” to 5-3/4” wide
•New angle shape makes blending at the easel easy

Mottler Brushes:

Atelier™ Mottler Xtra Long brushes
Atelier™ Mottler Xtra Long brushes

•Xtra long handle for reach on large canvas
•Rust proof copper ferrule
•Bristle brushes for varnishing, graining, transparent painting and priming
•Badger blend brushes for blending and softening edges
•Silver Mottlers can be used in all media. Best in oil and acrylics

Quill Brushes:

Quill 3 picture group low res
Squirrel, Golden Taklon, Blended Goat Hair
•Perfect watercolor brushes
•Silky smooth black squirrel hair that hold maximum color
•Color flows onto silk, paper in sweeping strokes and detail marks
•White goat hair quill perfect for blending oils, acrylics or watercolors
•Quills are perfect for exacting detail work

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