Ginger Cook has been an artist since she was a small child. Originally working with crayons and watercolors, Ginger gravitated to acrylics in the 1960s when it was a new medium. During this time, oil paints were revered as the only paint for “real” artists and Ginger strived to be taken seriously as an artist.

Determined to prove critics wrong, Ginger mastered a variety of acrylic techniques in such a style that made oil purists take notice. Her eye for color caught the attention of publishers and art galleries and before long, her acrylic pieces were being showcased and sold worldwide.

In her retirement, Ginger teaches acrylic painting techniques to beginners and advanced students alike through her YouTube tutorials and in her online Art Academy. Ginger’s YouTube videos are like an introduction to the online academy. On her YouTube channel, she teaches mostly florals and still-life paintings in the style of the old masters like Van Gogh but the Academy classes go much more in-depth, making artists delve even deeper into their artistic talents.

Ginger insists that you don’t have to have a natural inclination toward art in order to enjoy creating a painting. “I have always felt that painting was a learned skill… For me, good art starts with having the correct materials. I have been using Silver Brushes since they came out—initially the Ruby Satin® brights and smaller rounds for details. When I found the Ruby Satin® short handle angle brushes, they were so fantastic to use that they are my brush of choice in 99% of the videos I teach. They suit my natural impressionistic style and are perfect for changing from a broad brushstroke to fine detail, just by tipping or twisting the brush slightly.”

In addition to Ruby Satin®, Ginger enjoys using our Ultimate Varnish Brush™ (it is “indeed the ultimate varnish brush!”) and her daughter’s series of The Art Sherpa™ brushes, also manufactured by Silver Brush Limited for heavy bodied acrylic painting techniques.

When asked what Ginger’s greatest accomplishment has been as an artist, she says, “I have felt incredibly rewarded for seeing the skills I have passed on to others…I am passing down the knowledge of art to the next group of artists who will then pass it down to other aspiring artists…this to me is my greatest accomplishment.”

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