Deb Watson is a self taught artist and loves to
paint and teach. In her words: I learn as much from teaching as my students, digging into different subjects and experimenting with watercolor techniques and colors.

As a child, I loved to draw, but was discouraged by my family from pursuing art. So I spent my adult life as a nurse – working long hours and raising a family. I painted whenever I could and slowly improved. When I began painting full time, I was surprised that my work was accepted in national juried exhibitions and won awards! For years, I entered tons of shows, winning many awards. My paintings were also featured in many national magazines and earned signature membership in some of the top national art groups. After experiencing kidney cancer, I’m not entering as many shows, just focusing on my painting. (And I’m healthy so far, thank goodness.) Now I’m giving others the support I wished I had, with on line watercolor lessons.Deb continues to teach regularly in my studio and at the York Art Association. I occasionally teach workshops, although I’m a homebody and limit my travel. I also have several how to paint watercolor books available.

In Deb’s own words: “I love your brushes – the quality and the cost. I just finished teaching my Monday watercolor class (10 students) and I let students try the new brushes so they can see how nice they are. I encourage them to buy and use them. Tomorrow I have another 21 students and I’ll be taking my new brushes for them, also. The combination of holding a lot of water (and color), keeping a killer point for better control, and being reasonably priced just can’t be beat. Keep up the good work, and thank you again”

Deb’s favorite brush? Black Velvet® in all shapes and sizes

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