Artist Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie Dickson has only been using watercolors for about 3 years and already she has established a large following on social media, created lettering practice worksheets that she sells through her Etsy store, and has workshops planned for 2019 in her home state of Texas. This is going to be a busy year for the rising artist!

Although Jeannie will be teaching classes on watercolor technique and lettering, she doesn’t have any formal art school training. Instead of taking classes, Jeannie dedicated many hours to getting to know her paints, brushes and paper while finding her own unique style and technique, a process she says was “intense” but brought her great joy.

Jeannie’s practice has developed into a style that is bold, expressive, and colorful. “I like to paint elements that have a lot of visual texture,” she says, “and I am fascinated by the transparent quality of watercolor.” More recently, gouache and water-based inks have found their way into her expanding repertoire.

Floral Piece by Jeannie Dickson

When getting artistic, Jeannie uses a variety of   tools including markers, metallic pens, brush pens and calligraphy pens for her lettering but one of her absolute favorite things to use for creating vibrant bouquets of flowers is Silver Brush Black Velvet® watercolor brushes.

“In the Spring of 2017, I bought my first Silver Black Velvet brush and soon after trying it, I knew I needed it in all the different sizes available,” she gushes. “I love the quality of the brush. The hairs are a fantastic blend that hold the perfect amount of water and they release the pigment beautifully. You can use the fine, pointy tip to create fine, delicate lines of use the full belly of the brush to create broader strokes. When painting expressive, loose watercolor, this comes in handy and helps you stay in the creative flow.”

To aspiring artists, Jeannie says this: “Don’t give up your creative dreams. If it’s in your heart, you should listen. Creativity is a God-given gift that brings a sense of fulfillment. It requires being patient with oneself, and knowing that our mistakes are also part of the process of being creative and finding our own unique style.”

Head of Kale by Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie was born and raised in Guatemala City and her family moved to Mexico City in 2000 where she studied Graphic Design. In 2005, she married her husband and moved to the US. They have two daughters together. Jeannie enjoys “a good cup of coffee” and she loves rainy days. She also enjoys baking and decorating cookies and spending time with family.

To see more of Jeannie’s work, please visit her on Instagram!



Check out Jeannie’s process video on creating leaves with a Silver Golden Natural® Angle brush!

Written by Kira Leilich, Communications Manager at SBL