Ruby Satin® series #2500 long handle, 2500S short handle,2500-ruby-satin-lh-horiz-sm-3
five diamond superior quality synthetic brush series.  For Oil and
Acrylic color Ruby Satin® has the shape and feel of interlocked warm-winter-sun-sm
bristle. They have precise snap and fine color
control. Superb control with extra heavy body
acrylic colors. More durable than expensive
natural hair brushes. Ruby Satin® long handle
series comes in round, flat, bright and filbert
shapes. Short handle series comes in round, bright, filbert, angle, script
liner, dagger striper, monogram liner, stroke, pointed triangle and filbe2500s-action-photo-sm-2rt
grass comb. Perfect with oils, acrylics and water-mixable oils
Mountain Landscape by William Scott Jennings
Watch Joe Anna Arnett’s short demo. She is using Ruby Satin® brushes 


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