Kirk Miller has been painting his entire life and has always had a propensity for the arts. As a child, he drew and painted as naturally as he breathed without ever thinking of doing it for a living. “Everyone else knew I was going to be an artist-I thought I was going to be a cowboy,” he jokes. Over the years he has not only
worked as a painter, but also as a freelance illustrator, an Art Director at an engraving firm, an instructor and demonst
rator of art
techniques, and as an author of two art instruction books for Foster Publications.

Although his job has changed, one constant for the last 25 years has
been his use of Silver Brush Ltd brushes.
“Originally, I used
Silverstone® bristles and Renaissance® sables for oils, Ruby Satin®
for acrylic and oil and I have now included Bristlon® as an additional
favorite for all my painting,” says Kirk. “With the high quality and
selection of brushes that 
Silver Brush provides, I am able to choose a specific brush

for the necessary technique. “Kirk’s dedication to his craft is evident
in every piece of work he produces. The human form or portraits are
his favorite subjects and he believes that his role is not only to
capture someone’s likeness but also their character.  Although Kirk is
a full-time, successful artist, he still enjoys teaching art classes and
workshops out of his Folsom, Ca. studio where he shows artists of all
levels how to paint in oils.    

“It’s our firm conviction that anyone, regardless of age, can learn to
paint beautiful, professional-looking paintings in almost any style-
ranging from traditional to the most contemporary-in a minimum of
time,“ he states.

When asked if he recommends Silver Brush to his students, Kirk replied, “I have been selling Silver Brushes to the thousands of students I have taught over the past 25 years. Once my students understand the benefits from using a quality brush, they continue to purchase and use Silver Brushes over all other brands.”

Kirk’s work can be found all around the world in private, government and corporate collections. In addition, he has illustrated cover art, magazines, books, posters and murals and has conducted workshops and demonstrations throughout the U.S.

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