Leslie Adams painting Lynne LoftisLeslie Adams, a Signature Status member of the Portrait Society of
America, is an internationally recognized artist who specializes in figurative art and portraiture. Her patrons include distinguished
members of private society as well as the corporate, academic, religious, cultural, and civic leaders of our day. Her works grace the
walls of institutions and museums throughout the world.

Leslie was awarded the William F. Draper Grand Prize by The Portrait Society of America 

Leslie Adam’s recommendation:

As a professional artist specializing in figurative art and portraiture, whose patrons include
many distinguished members of private society as well as the corporate, academic, religious,
cultural, civic and judicial leaders of our day; it is my responsibility to provide my clients with
works of the highest quality. Therefore, the quality of the materials I use to create each painting
is critical to the process of painting itself, inherent to the success of the image, and key to the
longevity of each of my client’s investments.
For these reasons, my choice for brushes is imperative and unwavering. Since I began painting
professionally, I have found the superb quality of the Renaissance Series by Silver Brush toLeslie Adams be
unsurpassed. Each brush is meticulously crafted with the highest
quality materials available. Whether applying broad glazes or focusing
on precise details, each brush in the Renaissance line, with its unique
characteristics, allow me to produce my desired results. Consequently, the Rounds and the Brights in the series are never far from reach and
are as essential to me as the popular, long handled Cat’s Tongue
brushes that I love.
I have used the Renaissance Series by Silver Brush the past two
decades of my career and I highly recommend them to all of my colleagues.
-Leslie Adams
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