Soon Y Warren

Soon Y. Warren
was born in South Korea. She immigrated to the United States in 1987. Soon’s favorite subjects are those found in nature: people, an animal, trees, a tangerine, pear, oriental poppy, iris or something of intrigue at the moment. Flowers from her gardens often become models for paintings.

She says that, “I’m inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature and our surroundings. I try to paint the essence of subjects and my sincere feeling for nature”

Soon teaches workshops for oil, watercolor, in-door studio painters, and plein air painters. Soon has taught workshops in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and throughout the USA. She is represented by Southwest Gallery in Dallas Texas, Your Private Collection Art Gallery in Granbury Texas.

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Soon Y. Warren’s Recommendation for Black Velvet® watercolor brushes

“I love the quality of Silver Black Velvet® brushes. They hold a lot of water and have pointy tips that can create thinner to wider brush strokes. I have been using “Silver Black Velvet®” brushes which serve my purpose well. I use (Round #3000S) size 4 and 6 for very fine detail, 8 and 10 for medium small layering color, and 12 and 16 for larger area application. The soft quality of hair serves my painting style with gentle layers, and because maintaining a fine tip with spring out for next application. I love the brushes and recommend to everyone who paint watercolor.”

…The statement is true and my honest opinion.

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