Silver Brush Limited® manufactures a wide range of artists’ brushes for acrylic painting. In honor of Acrylic April, we are comparing three of our most popular series for this medium and how they stand out from a crowd!

Ruby Satin®
Ruby Satin® is a synthetic filament that imitates mongoose. These beauties come in both short or long handle versions and feature a perfectly balanced deep green colored handle and deep ruby colored filaments with a medium stiffness.

  • Can be used in soft, medium, or heavy bodied acrylics (and oils when cleaned with an odorless solvent)
  • Long handle version features 4 shapes and 30 sizes while the short handle version features 10 shapes and 48 sizes
  • Large size short handle brights are perfect for painting broad landscapes and backgrounds
  • Short handle detail brushes are excellent for creating fur, grass or eyelashes
  • Unique shapes like triangle, grass comb, monogram liner, and dagger are favorites of decorative artists
  • Plenty of snap to make the filaments come back to a point

Silver Silk 88™
Silver Silk 88™ is our newest series of brushes. This series comes in long and short handle versions. Silver Silk 88™ features a soft synthetic silver colored filament with slightly less snap than Ruby Satin®.

  • Designed specifically for use in fluid acrylics, interference acrylics and jar acrylics but can also be used in watercolors, gouache and other water-based media
  • Glides like silk across your painting surface
  • Long handle version features 7 shapes and 30 sizes while the short handle version features 15 shapes and 48 sizes
  • Unique shapes like cats tongue, deerfoot stippler, soft curve and ribbon striper
  • Easy to control and make your mark with precision
  • Smooth, even strokes

The Art Sherpa™
The Art Sherpa™ series of brushes were designed with help from Cinnamon Cooney, A.K.A. The Art Sherpa, who teaches acrylic paintng techniques to her YouTube audience. With almost half a million followers on her channel, Cinnamon is the most popular acrylic teacher on YouTube. She loves using heavy-bodied acrylic paints and The Art Sherpa™ brushes are uniquely qualified to push heavy paints with authority.

  • Our stiffest synthetic series
  • Perfect for pushing heavy bodied paint into canvas
  • Withstands rigorous treatment while maintaining their sharp edges and fine points
  • Unique shapes like Cloud™, Cats Tongue and Fan
  • Goldilocks™ bright brush – not too big, not too small – it’s just right!

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