Silver Brush Limited® manufactures three different styles of hog bristle brush, each with unique features that set them apart. Whether you are an oil painter or acrylic artist, an easel enthusiast or a plein air aficionado, chances are that one of these brushes is perfect for you!

Grand Prix® – “Unparalleled Perfection”

  • Grand Prix® is an oil painting brush handmade by the world’s most highly trained brush makers.
  • High-quality Chungking white hog bristles are hand selected, skillfully cupped and artfully placed into an extra-long copper plated ferrule and then triple-epoxy sealed to ensure durability and longevity
  • The bristles have highly prized deep natural flags (split ends) that allow the hairs to grab hold of color and lay it down evenly across your surface
  • Interlocked construction creates a natural tip that goes back to a point or edge after each use
  • Matte green handle is ideal for plein air painters because the sun won’t reflect into your eyes
  • Our only series that offers 3 different length filberts: traditional, long and extra-long. These longer length bristles are a favorite among portrait artists

Silverstone™ – “Superior Quality”

  • Silverstone™ is also handmade with excellent quality Chungking white hog bristles and an extra-long nickel-plated brass ferrule for added durability
  • Natural flags (split ends) help carry color and lay it down evenly and smoothly
  • Interlocked construction creates a natural tip that goes back to a point or edge after each use
  • Extra-large filberts in sizes 14, 16, 18 and 20 are perfect for large canvas
  • Unlike Grand Prix®, this series includes fan brushes which are perfect for landscape and background painting
  • Perfectly balanced handles that easel painters adore with a matte maroon finish that plein air artists prefer

Cambridge™ – “Uniquely Blended Series”

  • Cambridge™ is a blend of natural hog bristle and synthetic filaments, making this an excellent oil OR acrylic brush. Natural hairs hold onto color while synthetics lend extra durability and snap
  • More absorbent than typical acrylic brush
  • Stiffer than most bristle brushes
  • Triple epoxy seal on the ferrule that keeps the hairs in place and creates a moisture barrier that protects the handle
  • Can be cleaned with either an odorless solvent (oils) or water (acrylic)
  • Affordable and durable – great for beginner or intermediate artists

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