Product Highlight

Ultra Mini® Miniature Brushes with Comfort Grip® handles Precision Jewels-Ultra Mini® painting tools. Detail brushes made with the Artist in mind. Short Comfort Grip® handles and compact ultra fine heads are perfect for tight spaces. Superb control in all media. For decorative and fine art, nail art, models, live action figures, dolls and doll houses, airbrush detailing and […]

Featured Product of the Month

Ruby Satin® series #2500 long handle, 2500S short handle, five diamond superior quality synthetic brush series.  For Oil and Acrylic color Ruby Satin® has the shape and feel of interlocked  bristle. They have precise snap and fine color control. Superb control with extra heavy body acrylic colors. More durable than expensive natural hair brushes. Ruby Satin® long […]

Featured Artist of the Month

Steve Mitchell is an artist working in South Carolina. He has served a variety of commercial clientele over the past 30+ years as a graphic designer and illustrator but has been transitioning back to fine art. His first love has always been drawing and painting with a special emphasis on watercolor. Steve says: “Regardless of the medium, I […]

Atelier™ Quill Series

Quills for every media… Introducing three different types of quills for watercolor, acrylics and blending. Choose the Atelier™ Quill squirrel hair brushes for watercolors. Golden taklon#5225S for acrylics, oils and watercolors and white goat hair blenders that are perfect for all media. The #5025S squirrel hair quills are silky smooth. They hold a maximum amount of color. Color flows onto silk […]

Featured Artist of the Month

Earline Padgett began painting in 1981 when her husband signed her up for art classes as a Christmas gift. Painting opened up the world for this small town girl. Earline taught her first SDP convention class in 1984 and since then, has taught oil and watercolor classes at seminars and conventions across the United States and […]

Featured Artist of the Month

EVERETT RAYMOND KINSTLER is a native New Yorker, who began his career at age 16,drawing comic books and hundreds of book and magazine illustrations, as well as covers for paper back books. As one of the “golden age”era of comic book artists, his illustrations for magazines, including The Shadow and Doc Savage, have influenced the […]

Black Velvet® The Thrill of Painting with Perfection

Black Velvet® a unique blend of natural and synthetic filaments. Black Velvet® is the only brush with enormous capacity to hold fluid yet snaps back to its original shape. Black Velvet® captures color and slowly releases it in a perfectly controlled manner, a watercolorist’s dream come true…… In seven shapes; round, script liner, square wash, cats tongue, […]

Featured Artist of the Month

Soon Y. Warren was born in South Korea. She immigrated to the United States in 1987. Soon’s favorite subjects are those found in nature: people, an animal, trees, a tangerine, pear, oriental poppy, iris or something of intrigue at the moment. Flowers from her gardens often become models for paintings. She says that, “I’m inspired […]