Silver Brushes’ Atelier™ Quill series features 3 different types of quill. Each quill has their own unique strengths that can lend different techniques to your painting. In addition, every brush is carefully crafted with balanced wooden handles and decorative copper wire at the ferrule for added style. No matter what your medium, one of these quills is the perfect brush to make your mark.

5025S Atelier™ Squirrel Blend Quill
Uses: laying down a wash, wet-in-wet techniques, fine lines, broad strokes, leaves and petals
Medium: Best in Watercolor or softer-bodied Acrylics but can also be used in Oil

  • Blend of soft squirrel hair and multi-diameter synthetic filaments
    • Squirrel hair allows for maximum color absorption while the synthetic fibers give the quill body and a slight snap
  • Ability to maintain sharp point when wet
  • Comes in sizes as small as 00, great for details when gentle pressure is applied
  • Excellent mop brush
  • Favored by watercolor artists because of its’ ability to absorb and hold color
  • See this brush in action on our YouTube channel!
Painting by Dee Capulan

5225S Atelier™ Golden Taklon Quill
Uses: Backgrounds, broad strokes, details, landscapes
Medium: Acrylic and Watercolor

  • Superb quality golden taklon filaments that move color with ease
  • Comes in extra-large sizes, making it the perfect tool for covering wide areas
  • Despite large sizes, this quill keeps its fine point
  • Holds less liquid than squirrel or goat hair, offering greater control over how much paint you put down
  • Very durable
  • Favored by acrylic artists
  • See this brush in action on our YouTube Channel!
Painting by Nourane Owais

5325S Atelier™ Goat Hair Quill
Uses: dry blending, softening, touch-ups in tight spots, lifting color, washes, details, fine lines, leaves and petals
Medium: Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic

  • Pure white goat hair makes this a true all-media brush
  • Specially dressed for added durability and absorbency
  • Very soft hairs that won’t leave brush strokes in your paint
  • Full belly that will hold color and release with perfect control
  • Favorite among oil painters who want to blend or soften their work
  • Excellent tool for dry blending!
  • See this brush in action on our YouTube Channel!
Painting by Sangmi Lee

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