Quills for every media…

Introducing 5025s-squirrell-quill-in-watercolor-smthree different types of quills for watercolor, acrylics and
blending. Choose the Atelier™ Quill squirrel hair brushes for
watercolors. Golden taklon#5225S for acrylics, oils and watercolors
and white goat hair blenders that are perfect for all media. The
#5025S squirrel hair quills are silky smooth. They hold a maximum
amount of color. Color flows onto silk or paper in sweeping strokes and adds detail blending atelier-quill-group-3-0marks to your
painting. The Golden Taklon quills will bring a maximum amount of color to your surface. Perfecrc-5418s-atelier-quill-asst-8-1t for
backgrounds, details and blending colors.
The #5325S white goat hair quills are perfect for oils, acrylics or watercolors. Supreme detail brushes that
will last a life time.

These brushes and all of our brushes can be found at your favorite artist supply dealer.

To see more photos of the Atelier™ Quills, Hake and Mottlers:

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