Comparing Silver Brush® Bristles

Silver Brush Limited® manufactures three different styles of hog bristle brush, each with unique features that set them apart. Whether you are an oil painter or acrylic artist, an easel enthusiast or a plein air aficionado, chances are that one of these brushes is perfect for you!

Grand Prix® – “Unparalleled Perfection”

  • Grand Prix® is an oil painting brush handmade by the world’s most highly trained brush makers.
  • High-quality Chungking white hog bristles are hand selected, skillfully cupped and artfully placed into an extra-long copper plated ferrule and then triple-epoxy sealed to ensure durability and longevity
  • The bristles have highly prized deep natural flags (split ends) that allow the hairs to grab hold of color and lay it down evenly across your surface
  • Interlocked construction creates a natural tip that goes back to a point or edge after each use
  • Matte green handle is ideal for plein air painters because the sun won’t reflect into your eyes
  • Our only series that offers 3 different length filberts: traditional, long and extra-long. These longer length bristles are a favorite among portrait artists

Silverstone™ – “Superior Quality”

  • Silverstone™ is also handmade with excellent quality Chungking white hog bristles and an extra-long nickel-plated brass ferrule for added durability
  • Natural flags (split ends) help carry color and lay it down evenly and smoothly
  • Interlocked construction creates a natural tip that goes back to a point or edge after each use
  • Extra-large filberts in sizes 14, 16, 18 and 20 are perfect for large canvas
  • Unlike Grand Prix®, this series includes fan brushes which are perfect for landscape and background painting
  • Perfectly balanced handles that easel painters adore with a matte maroon finish that plein air artists prefer

Cambridge™ – “Uniquely Blended Series”

  • Cambridge™ is a blend of natural hog bristle and synthetic filaments, making this an excellent oil OR acrylic brush. Natural hairs hold onto color while synthetics lend extra durability and snap
  • More absorbent than typical acrylic brush
  • Stiffer than most bristle brushes
  • Triple epoxy seal on the ferrule that keeps the hairs in place and creates a moisture barrier that protects the handle
  • Can be cleaned with either an odorless solvent (oils) or water (acrylic)
  • Affordable and durable – great for beginner or intermediate artists

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Minnesota Pinner’s Conference

Browse, Buy, Discover, and DIY!
It’s like Pinterest has come to life!

The Pinner’s Conferences have been around for several years now and are becoming a cultural phenomenon. Bouncing from city to city across America, the Pinner’s Conference brings everything you love about the Pinterest app to life! Arts and crafts, cooking, beauty, fashion, photography, and DIY projects are all right in front of you thanks to numerous interactive classes and vendors selling the materials to help you achieve a multitude of creative projects.

Pinner’s latest location? Minneapolis May 3rd and 4th at the Minneapolis Convention Center! In its second year, the Minneapolis Pinner’s Conference is set to be an event to remember. Why? Because Silver Brush Limited and YouTube sensation, The Art Sherpa, A.K.A. Cinnamon Cooney, will be there!

Stop by our booth (we’re right by the entrance, across from Michael’s, and next to the concession stand!) for discounts on tons of brushes including:  Black Velvet®, The Art Sherpa®, Black Pearl™, Crystal™, Ruby Satin®, Silverstone®, Silver Silk 88®, Ultra Mini®, and more! Not only will you get some great deals, you can hang out with The Art Sherpa herself, Cinnamon Cooney. She’ll be in our booth talking acrylic painting techniques, doing demos and helping people at the Make-N-Take tables. You can also sign up to take a class with her at the conference! Plus there will be a Pinner’s Conference EXCLUSIVE Art Sherpa brush set for sale!

Wanna take an acrylic painting class with The Art Sherpa? You can do that at the Pinner’s Conference, too! Cinnamon will be teaching a class at 2pm on Friday and at 1pm on Saturday. Sign up for just one or do both! Visit the Pinner’s Conference website to sign up! Here are the paintings she will be teaching:

No matter what your creative outlet is, don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet other Pinner’s who share your interests, introduce yourself to new ideas and explore the possibilities of Pinterest!

General admission is $8 at the door and gives you access to exhibits and shopping.
If you want the VIP experience, find out more here.
Hours for the show are: Friday May 3rd from 10am-8pm and Saturday May 4th from 9am-7pm




Ginger Cook – April 2019 Featured Artist of the Month

Ginger Cook has been an artist since she was a small child. Originally working with crayons and watercolors, Ginger gravitated to acrylics in the 1960s when it was a new medium. During this time, oil paints were revered as the only paint for “real” artists and Ginger strived to be taken seriously as an artist.

Determined to prove critics wrong, Ginger mastered a variety of acrylic techniques in such a style that made oil purists take notice. Her eye for color caught the attention of publishers and art galleries and before long, her acrylic pieces were being showcased and sold worldwide.

In her retirement, Ginger teaches acrylic painting techniques to beginners and advanced students alike through her YouTube tutorials and in her online Art Academy. Ginger’s YouTube videos are like an introduction to the online academy. On her YouTube channel, she teaches mostly florals and still-life paintings in the style of the old masters like Van Gogh but the Academy classes go much more in-depth, making artists delve even deeper into their artistic talents.

Ginger insists that you don’t have to have a natural inclination toward art in order to enjoy creating a painting. “I have always felt that painting was a learned skill… For me, good art starts with having the correct materials. I have been using Silver Brushes since they came out—initially the Ruby Satin® brights and smaller rounds for details. When I found the Ruby Satin® short handle angle brushes, they were so fantastic to use that they are my brush of choice in 99% of the videos I teach. They suit my natural impressionistic style and are perfect for changing from a broad brushstroke to fine detail, just by tipping or twisting the brush slightly.”

In addition to Ruby Satin®, Ginger enjoys using our Ultimate Varnish Brush™ (it is “indeed the ultimate varnish brush!”) and her daughter’s series of The Art Sherpa™ brushes, also manufactured by Silver Brush Limited for heavy bodied acrylic painting techniques.

When asked what Ginger’s greatest accomplishment has been as an artist, she says, “I have felt incredibly rewarded for seeing the skills I have passed on to others…I am passing down the knowledge of art to the next group of artists who will then pass it down to other aspiring artists…this to me is my greatest accomplishment.”

Ginger’s Links:
Youtube Channel


Comparing Silver’s Acrylic Artist Brushes

Silver Brush Limited® manufactures a wide range of artists’ brushes for acrylic painting. In honor of Acrylic April, we are comparing three of our most popular series for this medium and how they stand out from a crowd!

Ruby Satin®
Ruby Satin® is a synthetic filament that imitates mongoose. These beauties come in both short or long handle versions and feature a perfectly balanced deep green colored handle and deep ruby colored filaments with a medium stiffness.

  • Can be used in soft, medium, or heavy bodied acrylics (and oils when cleaned with an odorless solvent)
  • Long handle version features 4 shapes and 30 sizes while the short handle version features 10 shapes and 48 sizes
  • Large size short handle brights are perfect for painting broad landscapes and backgrounds
  • Short handle detail brushes are excellent for creating fur, grass or eyelashes
  • Unique shapes like triangle, grass comb, monogram liner, and dagger are favorites of decorative artists
  • Plenty of snap to make the filaments come back to a point

Silver Silk 88™
Silver Silk 88™ is our newest series of brushes. This series comes in long and short handle versions. Silver Silk 88™ features a soft synthetic silver colored filament with slightly less snap than Ruby Satin®.

  • Designed specifically for use in fluid acrylics, interference acrylics and jar acrylics but can also be used in watercolors, gouache and other water-based media
  • Glides like silk across your painting surface
  • Long handle version features 7 shapes and 30 sizes while the short handle version features 15 shapes and 48 sizes
  • Unique shapes like cats tongue, deerfoot stippler, soft curve and ribbon striper
  • Easy to control and make your mark with precision
  • Smooth, even strokes

The Art Sherpa™
The Art Sherpa™ series of brushes were designed with help from Cinnamon Cooney, A.K.A. The Art Sherpa, who teaches acrylic paintng techniques to her YouTube audience. With almost half a million followers on her channel, Cinnamon is the most popular acrylic teacher on YouTube. She loves using heavy-bodied acrylic paints and The Art Sherpa™ brushes are uniquely qualified to push heavy paints with authority.

  • Our stiffest synthetic series
  • Perfect for pushing heavy bodied paint into canvas
  • Withstands rigorous treatment while maintaining their sharp edges and fine points
  • Unique shapes like Cloud™, Cats Tongue and Fan
  • Goldilocks™ bright brush – not too big, not too small – it’s just right!

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Acrylic April with The Art Sherpa

Grab your paint, gather your acrylic Silver Brushes, and head to the easel with Cinnamon Cooney, a.k.a. The Art Sherpa, for her 1st Annual Acrylic April Painting Challenge!

From April 1st through April 30th, paint along LIVE with Cinnamon on her YouTube channel as she guides you through 30 different acrylic painting tutorials based on 30 different prompts. In addition to the tutorials, your Art Sherpa will provide plenty of supporting videos, blogs, worksheets and tips to help you through the month.

“I have always thought Inktober and World Watercolor Month were amazing events and I wished there was one for the acrylic medium…I chose April as Acrylic Month because whenever I have mentioned painting daily as a way to improve, my students would laugh nervously as if I might be kidding,” says Cinnamon. In creating Acrylic April, Cinnamon has proven that a daily painting project is no April Fool’s joke, but a means to grow.

“I think it’s really important that this is just about the acrylic community. Our medium is the chameleon of the art world — It can look like oils or watercolor; it can be sprayed or applied in the thickest impasto; it goes over nearly every surface. ACRYLIC IS AMAZING! And this is our month to celebrate that!”

Here are the rules for the challenge:

  1. Following The Art Sherpa’s Acrylic April prompts, create your painting on a surface 12×12 or smaller using acrylic paint
  2. Share it on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter
  3. Use the hashtags #acrylicapril, #acrylicapril2019 and #ItsNoJokeAcrylicApril
  4. Repeat daily from April 1st (no fooling) to April 30th

The Art Sherpa encourages you to follow along but don’t worry if creating 30 paintings in 30 days is an overwhelming idea! Acrylic April is meant to be a fun learning experience, not a source of stress. “If you make 30 little paintings, you are a winner. If you make less than 30, you are a winner. Do your best, paint anything you want…Follow the prompts or do your own thing,” says Cinnamon.

For more information about Acrylic April, please visit

Here is a list of Silver Brush Limited® acrylic paintbrushes:
The Art Sherpa™
Black Pearl®
Silver Silk 88™ 
Ruby Satin®  
Golden Natural®
Ultra Mini®

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