November 2016 Featured Artist of the Month

Leslie Adams painting Lynne LoftisLeslie Adams, a Signature Status member of the Portrait Society of
America, is an internationally recognized artist who specializes in figurative art and portraiture. Her patrons include distinguished
members of private society as well as the corporate, academic, religious, cultural, and civic leaders of our day. Her works grace the
walls of institutions and museums throughout the world.

Leslie was awarded the William F. Draper Grand Prize by The Portrait Society of America 

Leslie Adam’s recommendation:

As a professional artist specializing in figurative art and portraiture, whose patrons include
many distinguished members of private society as well as the corporate, academic, religious,
cultural, civic and judicial leaders of our day; it is my responsibility to provide my clients with
works of the highest quality. Therefore, the quality of the materials I use to create each painting
is critical to the process of painting itself, inherent to the success of the image, and key to the
longevity of each of my client’s investments.
For these reasons, my choice for brushes is imperative and unwavering. Since I began painting
professionally, I have found the superb quality of the Renaissance Series by Silver Brush toLeslie Adams be
unsurpassed. Each brush is meticulously crafted with the highest
quality materials available. Whether applying broad glazes or focusing
on precise details, each brush in the Renaissance line, with its unique
characteristics, allow me to produce my desired results. Consequently, the Rounds and the Brights in the series are never far from reach and
are as essential to me as the popular, long handled Cat’s Tongue
brushes that I love.
I have used the Renaissance Series by Silver Brush the past two
decades of my career and I highly recommend them to all of my colleagues.
-Leslie Adams
See paintings by Leslie Adams in our gallery site:
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Watch Leslie describe how she uses her Silver Brushes:                                                             

Product Highlight

Silver Jumbo Chisel Fitch


Item# 8035 in 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″
Superior quality white hog bristle with tapered edge:
•Exceptional late-scale blender that has a double-thick head of
•Is securely set into nickel plated brass ferrule• The ferrule is secured
with both glue/epoxy and finishing nails all around base of ferrule
•Perfectly balanced natural colored handles
The Silver Chisel Blender makes a beautiful mark because of the
chisel tip. A perfect stumbling background brush in any media. This brush can do wash
techniques that allow the artist to exert pressure on strokes with perfect bounce-back and
performance. Silver’s Chisel Fitch brushes can be used on any surface including canvas, wood,
walls, interior and exterior. On long handle. Available at resellers nationwide.

Painting by Gayle Levée “Sweet Water”

Product Highlight


Grand Prix®, just one of the most fabulous brush series from Silver robert-liberace
Brush.Master brush makers use 100% naturally curved Chunking white
bristle.This carefully chosen bristle has deeply flagged and interlocked tips for
maximum color carrying capacity. Long lasting without a hint of wear, pick one up
and see for yourself what professionals are using.Now available in Extra Long & Long Filbertdaniel-e-greenes

  • Finest pure Chunking white Bristle
  • Interlocking white bristle
  • Naturally deep flagged tips
  • Pure copper ferrules & triple epoxy
  • Sharp chisel edges for clean brush
  • Extra long bristle to reach tight spaces
  • Perfectly balanced handles and shaped to fit the hand
  • Bristles and handles are both sealed in the ferrule to protect the quality
  • Made by the finest brush makers in the world
  • In 7 shapes including the long and Xtra long filbert
  • For painters who demand the best

grand-prix-brushes-smallerSee more images and paintings of the Grand Prix® series. Go to our
gallery album:


Michael Shane Neal’s palette, paintings by
Robert Liberace, Daniel E. Greene,na, Self
 by Nelson Shanks

Featured Artist of the Month

pagliaccio ponte-vecchio-florence

Robert Liberace strives to combine his
fascination with anatomy, art history and technique to produce work in a variety of
disciplines including drawing, watercolor, painting and sculpture. He has been
selected as a “Living Master” by the Art
Renewal Center and is a member of the American-China Oil Painting Artist’s League. In 2003 he received the Portrait Society of America’s Grand Prize Award. Rob teaches weekly classes at The Arl-1122-rliberace-figure-settomitillas-for-galleryrt League of Virginia and holds art and art
history workshops throughout the United States and abroad.  Please visit for more information
about upcoming events and his instructional dvds which cover various oil
painting and pencil drawing techniques. Rob received his BFA and MFA at George Washington University. He is represented  by the  John Pence
Gallery in San Francisco, the robert-liberace-2Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, and the Principle Galleries in Alexandria, Virginia and Charleston,
South Carolina.
“Why these brushes?” “With their exceptional performance and
beautiful finish it is plain to see that Silver Brush has as much
regard for artistry and craftsmanship as the most demanding

r-liberace-front-coverSee more of Rob’s artwork on the Silver Brush Gallery:
and Robs website:




Watermelon and Cantaloupe by Joe Anna Arnett, using Bristlon® & Ruby Satin® brushes



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painting by Steve Mitchell
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