jdllogohrJamie Dzuris Lindholm, Martinsville, NJ

I love my Silver Brushes.I use many
different brushes from their
line – Grand Prix, Bristlon, Black Velvet.
Over my 30+ years of painting, I have tried many, many different
brushes, but I always come back to my Silvers. They are comfortable
and always feel good in my hand. They NEVER fall apart on me and
always hold their form. I am never surprised by how it performs and I
know that it will do exactly what I want and not fight me. I think they are the best and pretty
much the only brush I have in the studio.

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Linda1 copy

Linda Harris Reynolds, Wilmington, DE

As a nationally recognized portrait painter, working full-time for the past 28 years, I can say unequivocally that Silver Brush brushes are the highest quality, best performing and longest lasting of the many brushes I have worked with!! In 2002, I was introduced to Silver Brush brushes at an Int. Portrait Society of America conference and have been delighted with the exceptional performance of their products. I especially love their Professional Artist Brush sets, created after modern master’s approaches and brush use.A.Diana                                      Personally I have used the professional portrait sets of Nelson Shanks, Daniel Green, Burton Silverman, as well as the Robert Liberace set. Each is an outstanding combination of bristle and sable brushes, in various shapes and sizes designed for masterful application of paint and wonderful for the painterly approach I use. Most recently, I fell in love with the Daniel Green Cats Tongue Set, filled with Renaissance® Pure Red Sable Cats Tongue brushes, extraordinary for creating finely detailed work!!

I wholeheartedly recommend these wonderful brushes to all of my students at the Centreville Art Students’ League; a private Atelier established in 2010.

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