Product Spotlight

New BV Brushes v 1Introducing 6 new sizes in the Black Velvet® watercolor brush series                                                                                              
Item# 3000S Round size 14, 18 and 20
Item# 3008S Square Wash size 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″
Item# 3014S Wide Wash size 2″                                                                                           

The new Black Velvet® brush sizes and all of this series are available through your favorite artist supply dealer world wide                            
Visit our gallery for photos of all Black Velvet® brushes and paintings created by many artists working in watercolor:

Sweet Deals Artist's Brush Sets

12 brush sets for students of all ages. Sweet Deals™ feature 9 with 12 brushes each, 3 short handSS-129 Brown Synthetic Setle and 6 long. There are 3 sets with short flat handles that are so utilitarian that at least SS-121rv 2one of these sets belongs in everyone's home. Prices range from 3 pc sets at $7.65•12 pc sets are $12.65 & $16.95

See photos of all the sets: