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Brush Lady | January 16, 2017

Morgan Samuel Price has traveled the US and Europe painting plain air. She
has also been included in over sixty three invitational national exhibitions
received numerous national awards. She has been published fourteen times in
national magazines and even authored two books (Oil Painting with a Basic
Palette and Turn on the Light a touchstone to
 Plein Air Painting). Jean Stern
PhD, Executive Director for the Joan Irvine Smith
Museum of California Impressionists writes:
“Morgan Samuel Price is among the best of the true
plain air painters of today.” Morgan is not
only an accomplished artist but an equally respected
teacher. She has been teaching and inspiring fellow
artist all over the world with her wealth of
knowledge for more than 35 years.
Silver Brush produces 3 different brush sets to Morgan’s specification.
The MSP-1107 Portrait Figure Set featuring 5 Grand Prix® filbert
brushes and 2 Renaissance® pure red sable round brushes.
The MSP-1709 Landscape Set features 5 Grand Prix® flat brushes and
3 Renaissance® flat brushes and short handle Renaissance® round.
The MSP-7505 Watercolor Professional set features Golden Natural®
blended square wash, Pure Red Sable round, Silver Kolinsky® round,
Silverwhite® round and a flat Edgewater Wash brush.

Morgan loves Silver’s Grand Prix® brush series. Watch this short
video and tells you why….https://youtu.be/9GaoZKhuBS4
Morgan lives in
Florida and
many of her
reflect Florida
scenery. To see
more of her paintings go
to her online Silver Gallery album:
For more information about her workshop schedule visit her

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